Premier Division
1. Asphalt Ninjas (7-0)
2. NY Dynasty (6-1)
3. Principal Solutions (5-2)
4. Meta World War (4-3)
5. NYK Spartans (3-4)
6. Basketball Reasons (3-4)
7. Broke Jokes (3-4)
8. Menergy (2-5)
9. The Monstars (1-6)
10. Boomtown (1-6)

1st Division

1. NY Dynasty (5-0)
2. Sexy Bears (4-2)
3. Chiefs (4-2)
4. Sexy Bears (4-2)
5. Adam D Gamblers (2-4)
6. Bronx-Lebanon HC (2-4)
7. Doris From Rego Park (1-5)
8. Occupy Ball Street (0-5)

2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (6-1)
2. Honey Badgers (5-1)

2. Raining Rosebuds (5-2)
Rockstars (5-2)
5. Bunny Rabbits (4-3)

6. Space Jam (4-3)

7. Raptors (4-3)
8. Thunder Explode (3-3)
9. R.N.S. (3-4)

10. Top Stars (3-4)

11. Tri-State InvAsian (2-4)
12. Shawn Kemp's Kids (2-5)
13. NYC Gritty Committee (1-5)
14. MediaBrix (1-6)

Occidental Conference
1. Ball So Hard (5-1)
2. SK War Dog (5-2)
3. Bucketz (5-2)
4. TAP NY (5-2)
5. Rise Again (4-2)
6. Gritty FOB City (4-2)
7. We Dem Boyz (4-3)

8. Brick City (3-3)

9. Sex Panthers (3-3)
10. Team JBH (3-4)
11. Wolverines (2-5)
12. Guard Me Maybe (1-5)
13. Japan United (1-6)
14. Yu Tang Clan (0-7)

1. Ball So Hard (3-1)
2. MediaBrix (2-2)
3. TAP NY (2-2)
4. B Team (2-2)
5. X1 (1-3)


2K11 SPR Playoff Preview - SemifinalsFBNYC, 6.1.11
(2) The Doogles vs. (6) NYC Quicks  | Wednesday (6/1) 7:00pm @ Lycee Francais

M. LaRus.
12.0 ppg
7.0 rpg
7.0 apg
M. Santos
24.0 ppg
12.0 rpg
2.0 bpg
ANALYSIS: Their last game was a mad scramble of momentum shifts in which both teams seemed to overcome the odds in come-back fashion. Somehow, the Doogles emerged with the win but at the unfortunate cost of two of their starters, (G) James LaRusso (knee) and captain (F) Peter Paruch (broken nose).

That means that DGL will be playing short-handed tonight with just five remaining players on the roster. But, if last week's win vs. JBB was any indication, they should be fine. Then again, the Quicks are no JBB. They have depth, speed and range. They will make DGL work on defense in a way JBB couldn't. Also worth noting, however, is QIK is returning from a tourney in Boston over the holiday weekend, one in which they played 7 games in two days. The physical let down could affect them here.

X-FACTOR: DGL (F) Ryan Donohue started their first round game in an almost supernatural state, knocking down every shot he took, scoring 12 pts in the 1st qtr to get the Doogles fired up right away. If he can provide the same spark, which is a lot to ask, DGL may be able to muster enough firepower to hold off QIK. The Quicks need (G) Ren Hsieh to step it up. The veteran guard has been quiet in the last 2 gms of the regular season.  -- The Jet

The Doogles
GR GR NYC Quicks
(G) Mike LaRusso



(G) Ren Hsieh

LaRusso has been one of the league's more physical guards all season, he should be able to create. Hsieh has been on and off, when he is on, he's led his team to wins.
(F) Chris Paruch



(G) Ian Yu

With a limited roster, DGL has no choice but to go big. Paruch is crafty around the basket and physical. Yu will use his speed to his advantage to make plays.
(F) Ryan Donohue



(F) Shaun Young

Lin does everything else ISB needs including hitting the big shots. Teams sleep in Lin with Chan/Lee/Mun to contend with. Fajardo will do whatever is necessary to get the win.
(F) Ja. Janowski



(F) Will Cheung

Janowski is no replacement for Paruch but he will bring the same effort and physical play. Cheung will look to take advantage of any mismatches, as will the rest of QIK.
(C) Jason Hembold



(F) Marlon Santos

Hembold gave QIK fits in their last game. He just shuts down the paint, making teams rely on perimeter shooting. Santos, however, will do his best use his speed advantage.



(G) Justin Chin
(G) Ant Lee
(G) Wilson Lew
(F) Alex Shu
The NYC Quicks bring a lot of firepower off the bench but it remains to be seen how many of them can contribute after a grueling weekend tournament in Boston in which they played 7 games in just two days.
(2) The Doogles

(6) NYC Quicks

(1) iVentureCap vs. (4) Club Trillion NYC  | Wednesday (6/1) 9:00pm @ Lycee Francais

N. Mui
22.0 ppg
5.7 rpg
3.0 apg
K. Miah
21.1 ppg
3.4 rpg
1.1 spg

ANALYSIS: Club Trillion loves revenge games, they love the opportunity to redeem a loss and do it in convincing fashion so expect them to take no prisoners here. Not that it would be an easy task to knock of IVC, the league's no. 1 seed. They will be missing starting (F) Rich Chang but IVC still boasts the deepest backcourt in the league. They will have plenty of firepower and will come out guns blazing.

Still, it's hard to pick a favorite here. Trillion is still the defending champ and a veteran team that knows exactly what they need to do to win. Get it on defense and get the ball to reigning MVP (G) Kash Miah. Adding to that is the resurgent play of (F) Young Yu who has become TRI's legit second option, something they've been looking for all season.  IVC may need to go ahead and shoot TRI down. By volume.

X-FACTOR: IVC (F) Pat Layton is one of the players you forget about until he finishes the game with 20 and 10 on your head. He is a volume shooter so if he shoots a high percentage, IVC will be in a good position to win. TRI's Yu needs to keep this surge on offense going. After taking advantage of mismatches for 21 pts vs. TEC, he can certainly provide an offensive lift. They'll need it against IVC. -- The Jet

GR GR Club Trillion NYC
(G) Jason Chin



(G) Danny Han

Chin has been inconsistent but when he's on, he can light you up. Defense is Han's primary focus, that and all-out hustle.
(G) James Choi



(G) Kash Miah

The forgotten man is really Choi, he's quietly had an outstanding season. He hurt TRI in their first match-up. Kash is Kash. He will get his opportunities and give TRI a chance.
(G) Nick Mui



(G) Drew Chen

Mui may be the single most unstoppable (G) in the league this season, when he's actually shown up. Chen will focus on defense first but has a penchant for big shots in big games.
(F) Pat Layton



(F) Myong Choi

If IVC can get Layton going, it will help their cause. The streaky shooter is also a streaky rebounder. Choi is a veteran who knows what to do come playoff time.
(C) Jiang Yu



(C) Kevin Coll

Yu has a rep for turning it on in the playoffs so this should be no different. Coll, on the other hand, doesn't know how to turn it off.
(G) Joe Chin
(F) Victor Chia



(G) Brent Morita
(F) Chris Countee
(F) Young Yu
(C) Len Kamdang

It's a short bench but (G) Joe Chin can take over stretches of games and Chia is solid. TRI (F) Young Yu can come of the bench and lead the team on offense and (C) Len Kamdang will help wear out IVC's interior defense.

(1) iVentureCap

(4) Club Trillion

2K11 SPR Top 10 Plays of the Week (May 2-8)FBNYC, 5.24.11

You thought last week was the best FAIL reel ever... way to you get a load of me. Fans of our Facebook page saw this first, if you're not a fan, hit us up at: http://on.fb.me/bpH5fS

For more videos, go here: vimeo.com/fbnyc/videos.

2K11 SPR Playoff Bracket & PreviewFBNYC, 5.19.11

FASTBREAK NYC 2K11 SPR Playoff Preview
Seed Team Record Comments



iVentureCap played without (G) Nick Mui, (G) Jason Chin and captain (C) Jiang Yu against a red-hot Rock Stars team, found themselves down 20 pts, and still pulled out a win. This team looks ready to make a championship run.



The Doogles struggled a bit but finished the season on a high note with a gutsy win over QIK. Sadly, they may have lost (G) James LaRusso to a knee injury in the win. His status is yet to be updated. Still, DGL has the best team D in the league. That's good for the playoffs. *OCC Champion is automatic 2nd seed.



Strong has looked really, well, strong in the 2nd half of the season, winning 4 straight to finish with their first winning record as a franchise. They won't have BLUE league MVP (G) Garrett James but they'll have plenty of firepower. Rumor is (F) Akin Moses is out for the playoffs, pray that's not true.



They haven't looked as dominant as last season but Trillion is still the team to beat. (G) Kash Miah still leads the popular vote for MVP and (F) Young Yu has been picking up the offensive slack. With a full roster, they're built to win chips.



Not a bad start for a rookie franchise. (C) PJ Eannotti has been a force in the paint and surrounding him are some great pieces. (F) Dinsmore Sohn has been the scorer/play-maker and the backcourt has been solid all season. Everyone on this roster impacts the game, can't ask for anything better.



When the Quicks win, it tends to be a blowout. They've struggled to win in close games. That doesn't bode well in the post-season but they have plenty of skill players on this roster. And, at least one more chance to get it together.



It's a shame they've lost (G) John Minutaglio for the season. Led by him, JBB had been playing considerably better as a team but (G) Sean McGann, (F) Glen Castergine and (F) Steve Gallagher may still be enough to surprise someone.



It's been a tough season for ROC, it's not as if they've been getting blown out in every game. They have played in some very close games, even going up 20 pts on no. 1 IVC. But, for one reason or another, they haven't converted any of those into wins. (F) Kevin Farrington may still be Most Outstanding Rookie.


Schedule - Sunday, May 22*
Bok Lee
The Jet JVGhandi Scoop SVGhandi
1:00pm (1) IVC v (8) ROC (Forfeit) N/A
3:00pm (3) DBS v (6) QIK
DBS (-4)
DBS (-3)
QIK (-2)

4:00pm (4) TRI v (5) TEC
TEC (-5)
TRI (-6)
TRI (-3)

Schedule - Wednesday, May 25**

9:00pm (2) DGL v (7) JBB
DGL (-4)
JBB (-1)
DGL (-8)

*Sunday games will be played @ The King, MLK HS (122 Amsterdam Ave)
**Wednesday games will be played @ Lycee Francais (505 E75th st & York Ave)

2K11 SPR Weekly Player Awards (Week 7)FBNYC, 5.18.11
S. Gallagher (JBB)
F | 6-1 | 185 lbs
Week 7 Stats
PPG: 17.0
RPG: 11.0
SPG: 3.0

They still need one more win to avoid another losing season but they are already way better than last season. And, they're just looking much better, too. The versatile Gallagher put in his strongest game this season and he's very capable of this.

Runner-Up: Jon Keaveny (ROC) 22 pts, 6 3FG, 3 reb

Nick Mui (IVC)
G | 6-0| 175 lbs Week 7 Stats
PPG: 25.0
RPG: 12.0
3PG: 4.0

When he plays, the Caps win, plain and simple. Mui just finds a way to manufacture Ws. They used to say he couldn't shoot, you can't leave him at the 3-pt line anymore. 13 4th qtr pts to lift IVC over DGL to take sole possession of 1st place.

RU: Dinsmore Sohn (TEC) 17 pts, 7 reb, 6 ast
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Jacob Singer (TEC) 13 rebs

It looks like Singer plays the (F) but he's more like a third guard. Either way, he's been killing it on the board with 13 this week, though in a loss.

Runner-Up: James LaRusso (DGL) 10 reb, 5 stl
Defensive Player of the Week

Jason Hembold (DGL) 5 reb, 4 blk

Hembold returns. 4 blocks in one of the ugliest defensive battles we have witnessed in the RED. This Defensive MVP might just about be locked up.

Runner-Up: Drew Chen (TRI) 5 reb, 4 stl
The High-5 Club

Steve Gallagher (JBB) 17-11-2-3-1
Rowan Hardial (DBS) 10-3-1-1-2
CJ Headley (ROC) 4-6-2-1-2
Peter Paruch (DGL) 19-16-3-2-1

Discorama Rookie of the Week

Peter Paruch (DGL) 19 pts, 16 reb

After a quiet start, Paruch has been tearing it up in the 2nd half of the season, carrying his team at times. This was his best game yet.

Runner-Up: Mike LaRusso (DGL) 17 pts, 4 reb, 2 stl

The "John Starks" Award

Peter Paruch (DGL) | 2-13 FGs (.154)

This came in their loss earlier in the week but Paruch still managed to finish with a double-double. None of the Doogles shot well in this one.

Dishonorable Mention: K. Chitnis (TEC) 3-13 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

J. LaRusso (DGL) | 0-5 FTs (.000)

For a player who has fundamentally sound shooting form, this is just plain ugly. 0-5 FTs in a game which they could have used every one. Ouch.

Dishonorable Mention: R. Hardial (DBS) 2-8 FTs 

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