2K8 SUM Week 1 Power RankingsFBNYC, 7.16.08
Opening Day gleans no clear favorites

A hotly contested Week 1 saw no immediate powerhouses

What can you say about Week 1? Every game was tiiiiiight, every team got their game up so I don't have to call nobody out... except for maybe HOP who won anyway. SoJu was looking good out there for a minute, though. But let me ask you something, KP3 is chasing down a loose ball, trying to throw a turnaround fade-away up and you foul him? Oh, and 4 missed layups in the last 3:00 minutes? Overtime nothing, you should have sealed the deal in regulation. Peep the rankings! -- Charles Bok Lee
FBNYC 2K8 SPR Power Rankings - Week 1 (07.12.08)
Diff. Rank Team Record Comments




They're still the Champions and after watching GOD (G) Ren Hsieh score 12 points in less than 2:00 minutes they still came back and won. This team has talent and now, Championship composure, too.




There might be growing pains but giving (G) James Choi rebounders is dangerous. For both teams playing. If you think he didn't have a conscience before... FAD frontcourt plays as efficiently as this all season, look out, but they probably won't. The TOs are coming.




Somehow HOP pulled out a gutsy win. But they can't play non-D all season and expect to win them all. (C) Jiang Yu is the type that likes to step it up in the post-season but they'll have to get there first.




Death looked solid against the defending Champs even without (C) Alvin Wang. Hsieh appears to be more aggressive offensively earlier than usual in the season but his stamina couldn't keep up. They could use another point to take some of the busy work off.




They have speed, athleticism and they convert in transition. Well, that's after one game. Gotta see if they can keep that up all season. Still, (F) James Chu looks like a rising star among a bunch of solid ball handlers. Don't get caught sleeping on these guys.




Tough loss but a tough fight, too, BTP doesn't go down without one. (G) Alex Cho struggled in Week 1 but I'm not expecting that to last long. Having (G) John Park should take some of the pressure off.
N/A 7. RTS (0-0) Game incomplete
Game incomplete
Team idle in Week 1

Observations... KP3's new nickname is "Lefty" but he might have somebody challenging him on off-hand finishes now with James Chu around... we got lots of new nicknames to honor yet another beautiful season of NYC outdoor Summerball... shoutout to Bobbito and the crew at the Anytime Anyday workouts... Brian Strebel will now be known as "Mr. Fantastic"... Brian Shim will now be known as "The Grudge"... Joe Ahn is "Robocop"... and James and Charles Lam are the "Dead Ringers"... we're coming through with a megaphone this week... don't get your ass busted!


Bomb Squad Status
Acquired (C) Rich Hyun via trade (GOD)
Acquired (F) Noh-Joon Choo
Booty Patrol Status
None None
Fan Death
None None
G.o.D. Status
Acquired (F) Rathan Haran via trade (BMS)
Released (F) Rathan Haran
(F) Kaivan Khoshroo [ankle, hand] Day-to-day
House of Pain
None None
Reservoir Dogs Status
None None
RTS Status
None None
Team SoJu Status
None None
The Average Joes Status
None None

2K8 SUM Conference Players of the Week (Wk 1)FBNYC, 7.13.08
Kevin Park (HOP)
G | 5-10 | 165 lbs
Weeks 1 Stats
PPG: 19.0
APG: 5.0
SPG: 5.0

KP3 was quiet for the 1st half of their game with TSJ but in the 2nd half, he nearly single handedly turned a near-upset loss to a win. Park may be the best two-way player in the "B".

RU: C. Youn (RVD) 15pts, 14rebs

James Choi (FAD)
G | 5-7 | 155 lbs
Week 1 Stats
PPG: 24.0
APG: 6.0
SPG: 1.0

This is the way to return from a season-long hiatus. Choi was aggressive right off the tip, getting anywhere he wanted on the court and scoring off an array of jumpers and layups.

RU: R. Hsieh (GOD) 27pts, 6rebs
The "Larry Flynt" Award

Sam Lo (FAD) 11 pts, 7 rebs

Some day we'll name this award the Sam Lo Award. How does anyone 5-9 and a buck and change in weight consistently rebound like Lo?

Runner-up: Dave Choi (TSJ) 9 rebs, 4 stls

Defensive Player of the Week

Brian Strebel (FAD) 11 rebs, 6 blks

Strebel's 6 blks is the FBNYC "B" reg. season record. And if we kept stats for the amount of shots he's changed he might have that record, too.

Runner-up: Kevin Park (HOP) 5 stls
The "Norman Dale" Award

TSJ (v. HOP) | 26-54 (.481) 13 asts, 14 stls

Runner-up: FAD (v. BTP) 20-40 FGs (50%), 12 asts
Discorama Rookie of the Week

James Chu (TSJ) 17 pts, 4 rebs, 5 stls

Runner-up: None worth mentioning...
The "John Starks" Award

Alex Cho (BTP) | 2-13 FGs (.188)

Highly unexpected given how Cho opened 2K8 SPR but it happens to the best of them. That BTP was still in the game is promising.

Runner-up: Min Park (RVD)  3-14 FGs (.214)
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Jiang Yu (HOP) | 5-10 FTs (.500)

Big Yu started off promising, hitting his first 4 FTs. Unfortunately, he managed only 1 out of his next 6 in a game that needed the makes.

Runner-up: None worth mentioning...

2K8 SUM Week 1 RecapFBNYC, 7.13.08
Booty Patrol (53) vs. Fan Death (62) recap
Player of the Game
James Choi (FAD) 24 pts, 3 rebs, 6 asts

Reservoir Dogs (51) vs. G.o.D. (49) recap
Player of the Game
Chris Youn (RVD) 15 pts, 14 rebs, 4 stls

SoJu (F) James Chu makes a move up-court.
House of Pain (61) vs. SoJu (60) recap
Player of the Game
Kevin Park (HOP) 19 pts, 5 asts, 5 stls

MLK HS, NYC -- Anyone watching this game would be lying if they told you they didn't think it was a blow-out as soon as these two teams stepped on the court. HOP, fielding their one day FBNYC Hall-of-Fame backcourt (G) Young Yu and (G) Kevin Park with 6-4, 230 lbs FA addition (C) Jiang Yu looked quite frankly insurmountable for any team. (more...)
Week 1 League Highs... Points: R. Hsieh (GOD) 27, J. Choi (FAD) 24... Rebounds: C. Youn (RVD) 14, J. Yu (HOP) 12... Assists: Y. Yu (HOP) 7, J. Choi (FAD) 6... Steals: A. Cho (BTP) 5, J. Chu (TSJ) 5, K. Park (HOP) 5... Blocks: B. Strebel (FAD) 6, J. Yu (HOP) 4

2K8 SUM Season PreviewFBNYC, 7.10.08

Just in case you forgot who won the Chip in 2K8... the Reservoir Dogs are back to defend their title.


G.o.D. is back with a revamped roster. Can (G) Ren Hsieh lead them back to the Chip?
Initial D is hanging it up... at least for this season. So the ORC is up for grabs again. (G) Ren Hsieh's FA team, G.O.D. (4-4, 2K7 FALL) is back but its a mostly revamped roster from the 2K7 FALL team that reached the Chip and fell short to RTS. Gone is Sri-Lankan 3-pt specialist (F) Duke Hogwild, (F) Will "The Animal" Wang, (C) Rich "MC Pee Pants" Chang and (G) Austin "The Muscle" Han.

Replacing them is (F) Rob Chanthavongsa from last season's RNG and (C) Alvin Wang from the now-retired PS1 squad. Also joining is offensive rebounding maestro (F) Kaivan Khoshroo. And in this season's first official trade, GOD acquired the rights to Bizarro-world Duke Hogwild, Sri Lankan 3-pt specialist (F) Rathan Haran from new FA team, Bomb Squad for (C) Rich Hyun.

Also returning to the ORC is the (G) Jason Chien-led AVERAGE JOES (4-8, 2K8 SUM), only this time without Chien. (F) Andy Kim is heading up captain duties and returning will be twin back-court combo (G) Charles Lam and ROY (G) James Lam. With stalwarts (C) Mark Kiang and (F) Jon Chen also returning, the Joes will be undersized again but versatile. If Kiang can show up on a regular basis, it will make a huge difference. Not much is known about new additions Sung Choi and Mark Lee but hopefully they'll add some much-needed depth.

(F) Brian Sun left for greener pastures. Can his twin towers get him closer to the Chip?
BTP's surprising success last season must not have been enough as (F) Brian Sun jumped ship at the first sign at freedom. That, and the first sign of former MVP-candidate (G) James Choi making a comeback. Sun is back with former CMC teammate Choi to form FAN DEATH and they've put in some off-season hustle acquiring highly coveted (C) Brian Strebel who's stock jumped exponentially after last season's performance in the playoffs (including 8 blks in one Conf. Finals game).

They also picked up (C) Rich Chang from the disbanded Fury Grey. He'll be the first to admit he had a quiet 2K8 SPR but Chang is ready to return to his 2K7 form. No complaints on the boards please, all of Sun's acquisitions technically qualify for the season. They are bringing a tape measure Saturday to make sure Strebel is under 6-3. If he is, there's nothing to contest.

(F) Duke Hogwild is taking over the helm of a second FA team and joining him is former GOD teammate (G) Austin Han. Their team, THE BOMB SQUAD, is a better fit for their predilections, they only count in 3s. Everyone on the team is a 3-pt shooter except for (C) Rich Hyun. That includes former 3-pt shootout champ (F) Mark Yiin and NYC Fury 3-pt specialist (F) Jeff Moy.

Finally, late sign-up TEAM SOJU, headed up by Russ Dent is a complete unknown at this time. When he gets his roster in, there might be more to say. Until then...

The story of the OCC is the return of 4-time title holders, RTS (5-3, 2K7 FALL Champions). Regular MVP-candidate (F) Harris Chung, formerly known as the Phenom (he's getting a new nick this season) will be taking over captain duties from George Lee. Returning is everybody's favorite point (G) Eddie "TO" Kim. Joining him in the back court will be defensive maestro (G) Stephen Chen. Not much else revealed about this team yet except former Co-Defensive MVP (C) Justin Kwong will not be returning. Chung seems content to do it himself this season. Which could actually make them more dangerous.

RTS's return isn't to make you forget about the RESERVOIR DOGS (7-5, 2K8 SUM Champions) and their historic last to first Championship run. The core is back 2K8 SUM MVP (F) Chris Youn, 2K8 SUM Chip MVP (F) Min Park and All-Rookie selections (G) Henry Jun and (C) Jae Won Woo. Captain (G) Jiwon Kim hasn't revealed any other pickups but they might just be satisfied with what they have right now. Whether or not 6-4 (C) Harry Lee ends up on this roster could make a big difference.

Tired of falling short in the playoffs HOP made the off-season's "biggest" acquisition: (C) Jiang "Bones" Yu.
HOUSE OF PAIN (5-7, 2K8 SUM Conf. Finals) has been one piece shy of a championship team for the past 3 seasons. And now they've got that piece. Perhaps the biggest off-season transition in the history of the "B" league (and that's to be meant literally and figuratively), HOP has acquired 6-3, 230 lbs (C) Jiang "Bones" Yu to man the middle. All-FBNYC backcourt (G) Kevin Park and (G) Young Yu really want that title now.

Expect nothing less from BOOTY PATROL (7-5, 2K8 SUM) than all out hustle and swarming D. Captain (F) Brian Shim and (F) Sam Lo lead by example. (G) Alex Cho is back to run the show and looks poised to take it yet another level. Off-season acquisitions 2K7 SPR Co-Def MVP (G) John Park and (F) Allen Cho should plug the defensive hole left by (G) Eupil Muhn and (F) Brian Sun. Rookies Phil Yoon and Joe Loreto hope to add some depth to the roster that typically ran with only 5 last season. -- Kenny "The Jet" Li
Charles Bok Lee's Pre-Season Rankings

1.) HOP: Jiang Yu with KP3 and Butter? Next...
2.) RVD: Still getting better... still another level?
3.) GOD: The Commish with rebounders? Uh-oh
4.) RTS: Harris is all-world, but he'll need help
5.) FAD: Dark horses, could make it look easy
6.) TBS: Bombs away. MLK wide court helps.
7.) BTP: I underestimated them last season too
8.) TAJ: Have to show me something
9.) TSJ: SoJu is a question mark
Kenny "The Jet" Li's Pre-Season Rankings

1.) RVD: Starts with the Champions...
2.) HOP: How dedicated is Yu to getting it done?
3.) GOD: The most complete team in the league
4.) FAD: Big team with a wily point man
5.) RTS: Chung gives 'em a chance despite rec.
6.) BTP: Scrappy might not be enough
7.) TAJ: Inconsistent, but set rotation will help
8.) TBS: Too many shooters? Maybe, maybe not
9.) TSJ: Default low ranking, no idea

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