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2K13 SPR Week 2 Power RankingsFBNYC, 5.3.13

A variety of teams stand out early

NEW YORK, NY -- In our consensus Top 4 alone, we have two teams loaded with bigs and two teams playing small ball. Just like last season, it will be a battle of basketball ideologies. But, this early on, it's hard to give any real measure to where each team may stand. We do it anyway. We do it so lower ranked teams can get some bulletin board motivation, and so the higher teams can feel good about themselves. Expect some changes along the way. Enjoy these rankings while they last. -- FBNYC
SPRING 2013 REC D-I Week 2 Power Rankings
Rank Team Record
Team Notes



We got some pretty good GM's around, but Andre Liu may be the best. After designing last season's Skyline title team, Liu returns with another team made to win (and he didn't even have to disband SKY). (G) Kash Miah joins (C) Mo Ghumman. This will be a tough team to beat.



Like the Bearball teams of the past, this is small ball at it's finest. (G) Danny Chin and (G) Caleb Lui will set 'em up while (G) David Chu knocks 'em down. It works for all parties. They've got some solid albeit undersized bigs as well.



At least in the 1st game (G) Leuis Ng looks like he's put his ailing back behind him (so to speak). Or, he's doing the Bogut. Either way, if he's focused in on another MVP caliber season, Thunder Elite is a contender again.



Reigning MVP (G) Evan Tsevdos had his breakout season in the winter. Now, he's gotta bring his big front-line back in the fold for a title run. The Herders are maybe the only legitimate post-up team in the league. They will be tough if (F) Pete Tsevdos and (C) Gus Konidas get it going this season.



The surprise entry so far, Hyaenidae is tough. They have a smart, savvy PG in (G) Frank Horng and plenty of size to hold down the paint. Their x-factor, however, is versatile (F) Francis McManus who can do it all. The best part for them is that no one knows about these guys yet. Don't sleep.



The Direwolves are one of those teams that will quietly secure a playoff spot and make a surprising run in the post-season. They have all the tools and plenty of veteran exp. (G) Alex Tsay needs to get more involved.



Skyline has a new add that could be make or break. (F) Matt Lee will challenge for the scoring title but how his team meshes with him will be key. SKY lost (G) Derik Kumagai, the ultimate glue guy, but they have plenty of pieces to make another title run. If they get it together, they will be the team to beat



The next three slots are wide open. The Caps have plenty of guard talent, and solid bigs, but the magic has faded a bit. They just need to make the playoffs and go from there. Like they do every season, they always have a chance.



Last season's finalists are looking hurting without Most Outstanding Rookie (F) Adam Tarhouni. And, now (G) David Weiss has gone down indefinitely. They've added an interesting new prospect in speedy (G) Will Chu, but this could end up being a rebuilding season for Doris.



The Seventies are back with their same blue collar roster. They will need more consistent scoring from (F) Ji Wu and (F) J.L. Novosad to build on last season, but this is a team that can get into the playoffs.



The rookie franchise Yellow Melos have a few players to watch out for, but this looks like a young team that has some building to do. They go hard, so if they can get it together on offense, you never know.



We haven't even seen their actual roster yet, but this team will have plenty of speed and a couple of solid big men. Youth might be their one handicap, but maybe they're too young to care.
Observations... despite the 0-2 record, Jordan Calhoun is in #BeastMode... keeping Chris Kwan off the 3-pt line is harder than you think... Declan O'Donnell = David Lee... Caleb Lui is gonna have a big season on that roster... McManus is now aka "The Usual Suspect"... Ben Chiarelli is aka "Cadillac"... Matt Lee is aka "Bad Keanu" aka "Johnny Utah" aka "Johnny Mnemonic"... you get it... is Will Chu the fastest player in the league now?
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2K13 SPR Week 2 Player AwardsFBNYC, 5.2.13
Pete Tsevdos (GOA)
F | 6-2 | 200 lbs
Week 2 Stats
PPG: 21.0
3PG: 4.0
RPG: 10.0

With the reigning MVP (G) Evan Tsevdos struggling in the game GOA went back to their bread & butter. (F) Pete Tsevdos dialed it up from the paint and from the perimeter, knocking down a career-high four 3FGs. This was a much-needed win for GOA.

Runner-Up: Mark Lee (IVC) 15 pts, 2 reb, 3 ast
Chris Kwan (SKY)
G | 5-10 | 155 lbs
Week 2 Stats
PPG: 34.0
3PG: 8.0
RPG: 5.0

If you know Kwan, you know he is perfectly capable of days like these. The problem for rookie franchise Yellow Melos is that they did not know Kwan. So, he dropped a career-high 34 pts. Defending champion Skyline is hard enough to beat already.

Runner-Up: Ren Hsieh (SKY) 15 pts, 6 ast, 6 stl
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Kevin Wong (SKY) 11 reb, 3 stl

Wong brings it week in and week out as an undersized center for the small ball Skyline. Nobody works harder for his team than he does.

Runner-Up: Jordan Calhoun (DOR) 13 reb, 1 ast
Wat Misaka Defensive Player of the Week

Ren Hsieh (SKY) 1 reb, 6 stl

The aging veteran rarely has what could be called dominant defensive outings, but he had the YLM back court befuddled all game.

Runner-Up: Henry Jun (DIR) 5 reb, 5 stl
The High-5 Club

Jonathan Chen (DIR) 5-8-1-1-1
Mark Lee (IVC) 15-2-1-3-1
Marco Palacios (SKY) 3-6-2-2-1
Steve Saperstein (DOR) 6-9-1-3-1
Dean Wang (YLM) 3-5-3-2-1

Ember Room™ Rookie of the Week

Jone Wong (YLM) 12 pts, 6 reb, 1 stl

Perhaps the only bright spot in their blowout loss against SKY. Wong is quick and he's got some moves. He should be solid all season.

Runner-Up: None worth mentioning
The "John Starks" Award

Jon Chen (DIR) | 1-10 FGs (.100)

Chen is better than this. The regular All-Star never got it going against the bigger GOA front-court. He should be able to bounce back just fine.

Dishonorable Mention: Steven Lee (SKY) 2-11 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Justin Chin (IVC) | 2-9 FTs (.222)

This is an anomaly to say the least. Chin shot 71% from the FT line last season. There is no explanation for this, luckily they won.

Dishonorable Mention: G. Konidas (GOA) 5-10 FTs

Doin It In The Park Available Now!FBNYC, 5.1.13

2K13 SPR Week 2 ResultsFBNYC, 4.29.13
NYC Skyline (1-1)
Yellow Melos (0-2)
Player of the Game
Chris Kwan (SKY) 34 pts, 8 3FGs, 5 reb


Doris From Rego Park (0-2)
iVentureCap (1-1)
Player of the Game
Mark Lee (IVC) 15 pts, 2 reb, 3 stl

Goat Herders (0-1)
Direwolves (1-1)
Player of the Game
P. Tsevdos (GOA) 21 pts, 10 reb, 3 stl


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Week 2 League Highs... Points: Chris Kwan (SKY) 34, Pete Tsevdos (GOA) 21... 3FGs: Chris Kwan (SKY) 8, Pete Tsevdos (GOA) 4... Rebounds:  Jordan Calhoun (DOR) 13, Kevin Wong (SKY) 11... Assists: Henry Jun (DIR) 7, Steve Lee (SKY) 7, Ren Hsieh (SKY) 6... Steals: Ren Hsieh (SKY) 6, Henry Jun (DIR) 6... Blocks: [6 players] 1

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