Premier Division
1. Silverbacks (1-0)
2. Meta World War (1-0)
3. Free Agents (0-0)
4. Eastern Consolidated (0-0)
5. Boomtown (0-0)
6. NYK Spartans (0-0)
7. NY Dynasty (0-1)
8. Renegades (0-1)

1st Division

1. Doris From Rego Park (1-0)
2. Team RS (1-0)
3. NY Dynasty (1-0)
4. Gritty Spartans (0-0)
5. Guard Me Maybe (0-0)
6. Top Stars (0-1)
7. Unholy Alliance (0-1)
8. That 70s Team (0-1)

2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. ISS Flightz (1-0)
2. Space Jam (1-0)
3. Let It Fly (0-0)
4. NYC Gritty Comm. (0-0)
5. Shawn Kemp's Kids (0-0)
6. Shawty Likes the Way (0-0)
7. No Fly Zone (0-0)
8. SK War Dog (0-0)
9. Bomb Squad (0-0)
10. Raining Rosebuds (0-1)
11. Lace'O My Aso (0-1)

Occidental Conference
1. We Dem Boyz (
2. Wolverines (0-0)
3. TAP NY (0-0)
4. Japan United (0-0)
5. Raptors (0-0)
6. The Mikestars (0-0)
7. Gritty FOB City (0-0)
8. Blue Thunder (0-0)
9. Sex Panthers (0-0)
10. Goon Squad (0-0)
11. We Get Buckets (0-0)
12. Ball So Hard (0-1)


Winter 2015 Week 3 Power Rankings (ORC)FBNYC, 1.30.15

Winter 2015 2nd Division Power Rankings - Oriental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (N/A)



A perennial underdog, No Fly Zone has always relied on chemistry from an unchanging roster, and all-out effort on D. The addition of (F) Ramon Inoa givs them their first true low-post offensive threat. This is a balanced team with a 7-man rotation as good as any in the league.
2. (N/A)



Despite winning it all last season, this Gritty team might be better. With (G) Andrew Ahn taking lead, the team has a more uptempo, balanced attack as (F) Ken Van and (C) Vic Chia are called upon more. Gritty lost an MVP in (F) Chris Youn, but they return a contender again.
3. (N/A)



Thunder Explosion could just as easily be 3-0 and atop this list if not for a short-handed loss to NFZ. The same team that's made it to the chip three times in the last four seasons is back, this time with veteran (C) Rich Chang to give this traditionally undersized team a presence in the paint.
4. (N/A)



Last season's high-scoring offense returns with (G) David Wong & (G) Chris Kwan testing defenses, but like NFZ & THU, Tri-State has added a low-post threat in (F) Michael Campbell. The 6-3 big plays physical, and finishes in the paint. He gives TSI a new dimension.
5. (N/A)



Expect the Badgers to be contenders by season's end. Rookie (F) Sherwin Salar is undersized, but crafty in the paint. (F) Young Yu can still carry the load offensively, but the catalyst for HON is (G) Alex Tsay and his defensive pressure. From beginning to end, the ball is never safely in possession.
6. (N/A)



Let It Fly returns with the same roster that dominated the regular season in the fall. They still have all the pieces to win it all, but (F) Jon Olivares shots have gone down. That probably shouldn't be happening.
7. (N/A)



Now in their 4th season, All White Everything has always struggled with their attendance. But as they've shown in flashes, whenever their full court, they are very tough to beat. (F) Mark Wehling hasn't played a game yet either.
8. (N/A)



Raptors struggled to find offense in a season-opening shellacking by HON, but they bounced back to beat MBX. This is a defensive-minded team that takes a lot 3FGs, but their weakness has always been consistent offense. Currently no player on the roster averages more than 8.5 ppg.
9. (N/A)



The newbie Lizards have been uneven so far, but they have solid pieces in (F) Nat Schacht and nifty passer (G) Joe Zenz. LIZ' team height has been great for defense, but their 42.7 ppg is the 2nd lowest in the league.
10. (N/A)



Kemp's Kids returns after a 2 season layoff, but not much is changed. They have a deep roster who all contribute, but they haven't found a consistent rotation. (G) James Alexander is one of D-II's quickest guards, and (F) Dan Linnane one its best scorers, but both have to show up for SKK to move up.
11. (N/A)



In their last campaign, Run & Shoot got an MVP caliber season out of (F) Kevin Quach. They need that from him again. RNS has plenty of very solid role players, but none who can carry a game like Quach.
12. (N/A)



Space Jam is one of D-II's biggest teams, but that hasn't translated into wins. They had their best game vs the smaller NFZ, but faded late. Even with that strong performance, JAM is shooting just 30% as a team.
13. (N/A)



If Space Jam gets called out for shooting, MediaBrix gets the business too. Shooting a league-low 26% from the field after 3 gms, they haven't been close to a win yet. New add (G) Adrian Sutherland has given them scoring, but MBX still needs help on offense.
Observations... OCC has the bigger scorers this season... Let It Fly's free throws... Alex "Honey Badger" Tsay with 4+ steals in 9 of 11 career D-II games... Hsieh first to record double-digit assists in 3 straight games... in any league... channeling Ahn's energy crucial for Gritty... Thunder and the Buffalo Bills... for Tri-State, it's all about match-ups... gotta feed Olivares... Slim Reaper for MVP?
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

Winter 2015 Week 3 Power Rankings (OCC)FBNYC, 1.29.15

Winter 2015 2nd Division Power Rankings - Occidental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (N/A)



The deepest team in the league, what SXP lacks in size they make up for in skill and veteran leadership. (G) Caleb Lui & (G) David Chu have joined the back-court. Two-time MVP (F) Chris Di also returns. Despite their offensive firepower, this is a very defensive-minded team.
2. (N/A)



FOB City is also a powerhouse in the making. After a trip to the chip last season, they're ready to win it all. (G) James Choi looks to be getting healthier every game, and their young guards keep improving. Oh, and of course, (C) Elbert Kwak is still the biggest player in the OCC.
3. (N/A)



Much like their ORC counter-part (THU), Rise is a scrappy team that will stay in games on their defense and effort alone. (G) Leuis Ng will lead the way, but (G) John Lee has also put up a couple of big games to this point.
4. (N/A)



Shawty Likes The Way I Ball Out are the new kids in town. They have some solid pieces, and could easily move up or down from this point. It depends on their chemistry as a team, that's what separates the contenders from the rest of the field. This team has a deep, balanced roster.
5. (N/A)



Missing their entire front-court, the defending champs didn't look good in their opener, but that was just one game. (G) Albert Son & (G) Steve Chung are still the best back-court in the league--though SXP would contest that now. The can't let too many more slip away like Week 1.
6. (N/A)



Last season's OCC regular season champ also struggled in their first game. They'll need (G) Will Chu to carry a lot of the load again this season. But, he could use some help from teammates finishing in the paint.
7. (N/A)



Ball So Hard jettisoned their big man and moved down to the OCC. This is a former champion in this conference with this same personnel. They scrap, they play tough D all game long, and (F) David Hsiung has emerged as their go-to scorer. This team could very well be another contender.
8. (N/A)



Guard Me Maybe regulars (G) Tommy Wong & (F) Kevin Leung are back. (F) Rich Tam is a versatile and athletic addition. He'll put up the big numbers. Your guess is as good as ours as to who else joins the team.
9. (N/A)



They have struggled to score enough points in two games now. Without (F) Ben Strolowitz and (C) Nick Lombardo in the lineup, they've lost the depth that made them so tough last season. If they're out this season, We Dem Boyz needs (G) Charles Lam to pick the scoring. 
10. (N/A)



JBH is going to give it another shot with the same roster from last season, a team that just missed the playoffs. This is a defensive-minded team with (F) Joseph Choi anchoring them. As with last season, they need consistent shooting from (G) Ryan Kim to really make noise.
11. (N/A)



Despite an 0-2 start, SK War Dog is still a veteran team and former champ. (G) Kash Miah is one of FBNYC's all-time most prolific scorers at any level. He's working his way back from a knee injury. As he goes, so goes SKW.
12. (N/A)



The Dirk Knights are one of the OCC's most entertaining teams to watch, but their still one piece away from really shaking up the power structure. (G) James Zhu & (G) Derrick Shieh will give you the highlight plays until then.
13. (N/A)



Formerly X1, the EBallaz are led by (G) Jeff Leong. High energy (G) Ingwon Chae will help on both ends of the court, but EBZ will feature (F) Devin Dee, last season's Speedball Chip MVP. The young, versatile forward can do it all.
14. (N/A)



Japan United may never be ranked high on this list, but you can never, ever sleep on them. First, you just don't know who's going to show up to play for them. Second, they scrap from beginning to end. They never pack it in, you will have to earn every win against them.
Observations... every now and then SXP gears up for a title run... this is one of those seasons... keep an eye out on SHA (F) Daniel Lee... he's got some tricks up his sleeve... good rookie crop this season... Devin Dee gonna blow up stat-sheets all season... rumor has it Nick "The Quick" Mui might be back 
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

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Winter 2015 Week 3 Player Awards (ORC)FBNYC, 1.28.15

Andrew Ahn (NGC) | 7th Season
7.0 3.0 2.0
Pos: G/F Ht: 5-11, Ht: 175 lbs

Gritty managed to pull out wins in their first 2 gms despite poor shooting from Ahn. This was his breakout game with the team. Always a big source of energy--and hustle stats--if Ahn can keep shooting well, this is a very tough team.

Runner-Up: Ramon Inoa (NFZ) 20 pts, 11 reb, 3 blk
ORC Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Eric Jensen (SKK) 14 reb, 1 stl, 5 blk

With no subs, and SKK in a must-win game, Jensen came up huge with his work on the boards and big defensive effort in the paint.
Runner-Up: Jon Olivares (LIF) 14 reb, 2 stl, 1 blk
ORC Defensive Player of the Week

Alex Tsay (HON) 4 reb, 10 stl, 1 blk

How do you bump an 8 reb, 3 stl, 6 blk day? By turning an entire game with your defensive pressure. Tsay's 10 stl is a league season-high.

R-Up: Saleem Ahmed (NFZ) 8 reb, 3 stl, 6 blk
ORC High-5 Club

Victor Chia (NGC) 16-11-1-2-2
Brent Clayton (JAM) 13-8-1-1-1
Ezra Dean (LIF) 7-4-2-2-1
Adam Eldridge (MBX) 9-6-2-4-1
AJ Grossbard (THU) 8-4-1-2-1
Ramon Inoa (NFZ) 20-11-1-1-3
Chris Kwan (TSI) 17-5-1-1-1
Jon Olivares (LIF) 14-14-2-2-1
Jarell Thompson (MBX) 3-6-1-2-1
Alex Tsay (HON) 7-4-1-10-1
ORC Spot Dessert Bar™ Rookie of the Week

Ramon Inoa (NFZ) 20 pts, 11 reb

Inoa was brought in to be the piece that will take NFZ from underdog to contender status. This was his best performance since joining the team.

Runner-Up: Zach Anthony (LIZ) 13 pts, 7 reb

The "John Starks" Award

A. Eldridge (MBX) | 4-18 FGs (.222)

MediaBrix as a team put up a woeful 19% shooting, a league-low for the season so far. They were led by their two best scorers.

Dishonorable Mention: A. Sutherland (MBX) 5-21 FG
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Let It Fly (LIF) | 2-12 FTs (.167)

In a tight game in which they needed every free point they could get, LIF didn't take advantage. This might be their most glaring weakness now.

Dishonorable Mention: Zach Anthony (LIZ) 1-6 FTs

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