Premier Division
1. Silverbacks (1-0)
2. Meta World War (1-0)
3. Free Agents (0-0)
4. Eastern Consolidated (0-0)
5. Boomtown (0-0)
6. NYK Spartans (0-0)
7. NY Dynasty (0-1)
8. Renegades (0-1)

1st Division

1. Doris From Rego Park (1-0)
2. Team RS (1-0)
3. NY Dynasty (1-0)
4. Gritty Spartans (0-0)
5. Guard Me Maybe (0-0)
6. Top Stars (0-1)
7. Unholy Alliance (0-1)
8. That 70s Team (0-1)

2nd Division
Oriental Conference
1. ISS Flightz (1-0)
2. Space Jam (1-0)
3. Let It Fly (0-0)
4. NYC Gritty Comm. (0-0)
5. Shawn Kemp's Kids (0-0)
6. Shawty Likes the Way (0-0)
7. No Fly Zone (0-0)
8. SK War Dog (0-0)
9. Bomb Squad (0-0)
10. Raining Rosebuds (0-1)
11. Lace'O My Aso (0-1)

Occidental Conference
1. We Dem Boyz (
2. Wolverines (0-0)
3. TAP NY (0-0)
4. Japan United (0-0)
5. Raptors (0-0)
6. The Mikestars (0-0)
7. Gritty FOB City (0-0)
8. Blue Thunder (0-0)
9. Sex Panthers (0-0)
10. Goon Squad (0-0)
11. We Get Buckets (0-0)
12. Ball So Hard (0-1)


2K14 WIN Week 3 ResultsFBNYC, 1.27.14
B Team (0-2)
X1 (1-1)
Player of the Game
Charles Lei (X1) 8 pts, 10 reb, 1 blk

Japan United (1-1)
Last Minute (1-1)
OT 44
Player of the Game
Lucas Chang (LAS) 20 pts, 3 reb, 4 stl

Shawn Kemp's Kids (1-0)
The Rockstars (2-0) 51
Player of the Game
Greg Loeffert (ROC) 10 pts, 6 ast, 3 stl


King of Diamonds (0-2)
Top Stars (1-1) 54
Player of the Game
K. Brennan (TOP) 25 pts, 12 reb, 2 stl

All White Everything (2-0)
Prestige Worldwide (1-1) 37
Player of the Game
Flynn Bridges (AWE) 14 pts, 4 reb, 3 stl


Apex For Youth (1-1)
TAP NY (0-2) 36
Player of the Game
Josh Segel (AFY) 13 pts, 5 reb, 5 ast


Guard Me Maybe (2-0)
No Fly Zone (1-1) 47
Player of the Game
Andrew Kuo (GMM) 21 pts, 14 reb, 5 ast


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Week 3 League Highs... Points: Kieran Brennan (TOP) 25, Ren Hsieh (NFZ) 24... 3FGs: Allan Zhang (PWW) 6, [4 players] 3... Rebounds: John Hsu (TAP ) 17, Tom Nierenberg (JPU) 15... Assists: Ren Hsieh (NFZ) 7, Greg Loeffert (ROC) 6... Steals: Andrew Ahn (LAS) 5, John Du (LAS) 5, [4 players] 4... Blocks: Carl George (LAS) 8, Vincent Liao (APX) 4

2K14 WIN Week 2 Power Rankings - OCCFBNYC, 1.24.14

Winter 2014 2nd Division Power Rankings - Occidental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (N/A)



Gritty has won two titles in the last three seasons. It hasn't always been the same personnel, but it was a very similar team that took it in 2K13 SPR. (G) Danny Lee, (F) Ken Van and (C) Victor Chia is a formidable trio.
2. (N/A)



Last season's OCC champion is back with the exact same personnel. They have an undersized but hard-working front-line that makes them one of the league's best defensive teams. And, their offense is much improved.
3. (N/A)



SK War Dog Classic is just that. Veterans (F) Andre Liu and (G) Felix Shen will lead the way. This is still a very formidable group with a big, tough front line. This is a team with championship pedigree, they know how to win.
4. (N/A)



Last season, Guard Me Maybe struggled on offense even with scoring champ (G) Tommy Wong. So they've added silky smooth scorer (F) Andrew Kuo, who may be yet another scoring champ for GMM.
5. (N/A)



Big Red Balls is another big wild card team. With a couple of familiar faces, this team is pretty much a newbie franchise. They were surprisingly good in their opener vs. LAS. They have shooters, and move the ball well.
6. (N/A)



A semifinalist last fall, Last Minute dropped their opener in a disappointing loss. OCC MVP (F) Andrew Ahn is playing on one hand right now recovering from an injured thumb, but they'll bounce back as Ahn gets healthy.
7. (N/A)



Team Let It Fly returns with all new jerseys. The personnel has changed a bit but the core is the same. (G) BJ Grant and (G) Bryan Plunkett will lead the charge, converting TOs into easy baskets.
8. (N/A)



Just when it seemed Japan United was gonna lose their opener, (C) Tom Nierenberg saved the day. He's their Optimus Prime. Now, it's a question of whether (F) Yu Sato is on the roster. If so, they'll move up quickly.
9. (N/A)



Apex For Youth is another newbie team that looked pretty solid in their first game. (G) Jeff Chen looks like a bona fide scorer while (F) Josh Segel and (F) Ryan Salerno give them solid overall size. This is a team to watch.
10. (N/A)



Based on opening day, it looks like (G) Eric Su has been in the lab retooling his game. He came out strong. Having (G) John Hsu now to run the point is huge for TAP. They were very close to getting their first franchise win.
11. (N/A)



X1 returns with a new face (F) Eddie Chan, who may help their offense, but this is still a team that needs to click on all cylinders to win. It is certainly possible. They have good size, and could sneak into the playoffs.
12. (N/A)



This is a default low rating as B Team was originally earmarked for the ORC and got annihilated by Prestige Worldwide. We think they'll do better in this division. They have great size for an OCC team.
13. (N/A)



It's tough on any team to lose two starters, but JCY losing (F) Paul Suh and (G) Marvin Chu is like losing the heart & soul. They still have great bigs and (G) Ed Suh is no slouch, but wins depend on who else is on the roster.
Observations... we know what Big Red Balls means, too... don't sleep on Big Red Balls... #sneakygood... no Marvin no cry... vote Plunkett... AndrewKuoAndrewKuoAndrewKuo... Gandalf has returned... you shall not pass... Tommy Wong aka "Tommy Gunz"... Eric Su aka "Bangkok Dangerous"
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

2K14 WIN Week 2 Power Rankings - ORCFBNYC, 1.24.14

Winter 2014 2nd Division Power Rankings - Oriental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (N/A)



Last season, this was Now We Here, a team with strong guard talent that for one reason or another, could not make the playoffs. This season, now as All White Everything, they've remedied that problem. This is a stacked team.
2. (N/A)



Prestige is the perennial powerhouse and championship contender of the 2nd Division, but they have no chips to show for it. That's all they have in mind as former MVP (G) Will Chu brings his squad back for another run.
3. (N/A)



Shawn Kemp's Kids is a new franchise. Wanting to be sure of their team, they entered 2nd div. This team has size, led by (F) Dan Linnane, who will challenge for the scoring title and lightning quick (G) James Alexander.
4. (N/A)



Shooter (G) David Chu is back for the Sex Panthers along with (F) Dan Tak. The two alone with the usual suspects make SXP a contender, but they also added defensive guru (G) Jon Jackson and scorer (F) J.L. Novosad.
5. (N/A)



Grumpy Old Men was a wild card coming in, but they looked strong in their opening day win. (G) Can Zhu will lead the charge with vets (G) Dan Kim, (F) Ricky Vien, (F) Justin Sze & (G) Mike Chin all making their return to FBNYC.
6. (N/A)



This is the Blue Dream you know and love, but they've added OCC Defensive MVP (G) Marvin Chu. (F) Rondeep Dutta also returns to join (F) Mark Hahn on a very defensive minded squad. They will be a dark horse.
7. (N/A)



The Rockstars looked solid in their season opener even without their secret weapon, rookie (G) Greg Loeffert. When he joins the roster, ROC could be moving up the ladder very quickly.
8. (N/A)



We didn't really get to see their full roster in action, but this is the young contingent of the SK War Dog franchise. But, they will still be led by veteran scorer (G) David Wong, a multiple-time scoring champion.
9. (N/A)



Thunder (G) Leuis Ng is back in his first action since getting surgery to fix an injured shoulder. He looked strong in his return so don't count on THU to be this low for much longer. (G) Alex Shu has also yet to make his debut.
10. (N/A)



After a winning a title, the Gritty have entirely retooled their roster and have returned as two teams. They looked dreadful in their opener. But, with (G) Mark Lee and this much talent on the roster, they should move up quickly. 
11. (N/A)



Ball So Hard is also coming off a title run, but that was two seasons ago, and teams have gotten stronger. Still, no one scraps like BSH. They'll challenge, and if you let them hang around long enough, you never know.
12. (N/A)



You can count on King of Diamonds (formerly All Ball Everything) to go hard every game. They also have great size in (C) Craig Reeson and (F) Keneche Igbokwe. They just have to link all the parts together. 
13. (N/A)



The Top Stars lost their opener, but they're not as bad as this ranking. They have a ton of size, and they know what they're doing on the court. We look for them to make a move soon.
Observations... who's afraid of Korean Mamba? ...we now know what King of Diamonds stands for... the TX is back in TX Thunder... #classic... Flynn Bridges, III has to be the best player name in the OCC... incidentally, All White Everything is... fitting... Grumpy Old Men might be the sleeper... #sneakygood... "Need 4 Speed might have to get back to MVP form faster than expected.
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

2K14 WIN Week 2 Player AwardsFBNYC, 1.22.14
Andre Liu (SKC)
F | 6-0 | 170 lbs
Week 1 Stats
PPG: 23.0
3PG: 3.0
RPG: 7.0

The veteran Liu has taken a back seat the last few seasons to work in some new talent to the roster, but now he's split the SK franchise, leading SKC. The spry 40+ shooter showed shades of his All-Star self in a big win over LIF.
Runner-Up: Ren Hsieh (NFZ) 17 pts, 8 ast, 4 stl
David Chu (SXP)
G | 5-10 | 165 lbs
Week 1 Stats
PPG: 26.0
3PG: 7.0
RPG: 4.0

It wasn't always the prettiest of games for Chu or the Panthers but when he has the ratchet cranked like this, SXP is hard to beat. His 7 3FGs marks his 6th career game with 6 or more 3FGs made. This is also his 6th career game of 25+ pts.

Runner-Up: David Wong (SKA) 25 pts, 6 3FGs, 2 stl
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Leuis Ng (THU) 11 reb, 6 ast, 4 stl

In just his 1st game back, Ng looked like the same do-it-all guard we've come to know & love. Finishing with his 10th career double-double.

Runner-Up: Kevin Wong (NFZ) 12 reb, 5 stl, 3 blk

Wat Misaka Defensive Player of the Week

Kevin Wong (NFZ) 12 reb, 5 stl, 3 blk

You'd be hard pressed to find a guy who works harder than Wong. This was a defensive masterpiece he put up in a win over JCY.

Runner-Up: Jun Yoo (JCY) 4 reb, 6 stl, 1 blk

The High-5 Club

Rondeep Dutta (BLU) 4-3-2-1-1
Danny Park (BLU) 7-9-2-3-1
Craig Reeson (KOD) 7-7-1-2-1
Dan Tak (SXP) 3-3-1-1-1
Ricky Vien (GOM) 8-7-1-1-2
Tyler Wells (SKA) 5-4-3-1-1
Kevin Wong (NFZ) 3-12-3-5-3

Spot Dessert Bar™ Rookie of the Week

None worth mentioning.

Runner-Up: None worth mentioning.
The "John Starks" Award

Mark Lee (NGG) | 3-18 FGs (.167)

Lee is a former 1st Division MVP, and helped lead a Premier division team to a title last seasons. So, this is even worse than it looks.
Dishonorable Mention: Jaik Kim (JCY) 3-16 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

Mark Lee (NGG) | 0-5 FTs (.000)

And to cap it off, Lee gets the double whammy by missing every one of his 5 FTs. Not that it would've mattered with all the missed FGs.

Dishonorable Mention: Mike Ha (THU) 6-13 FTs

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