1. NY Dynasty (2-0)
2. Free Agents (1-1)
3. Bronx-Lebanon HC (1-1)
4. Guard Me Maybe (1-1)
5. That 70s Team (1-1)
6. Team RS (1-1)
7. Sal Team 6 (1-1)
8. Sexy Bears (0-2)


Oriental Conference
1. SK War Dog (3-0)
. Lace'O My Aso (2-0)
3. Let It Fly (2-1)
. Space Jam (1-1)
5. Raining Rosebuds (1-1)
. Honey Badgers (1-2)
7. Shawty Likes the Way (0-2)
. Top Stars (0-3)

Occidental Conference
1. No Fly Zone (3-0)
2. The Lizards (2-0)
3. Financial Ventures Grp (2-0)
4. Shawn Kemp's Kids (2-1)
. X1 (1-2)
6. Blouses (1-2)
7. NYC Gritty Committee (0-3)
8. L.O.B. (0-3)

1. Sex Panthers (2-0)
2. Gritty FOB City (2-0)
. No Fly Zone OG (2-0)
4. Ball So Hard (2-1)
5. TAP NY (2-1)
6. Dirk Digglers (1-1)
7. Raptors (1-1)
. Spaghetti Ramen (1-2)

9. Team JBH (1-2)
10. Wolverines (0-2)
. Splappa (0-2)

12. Out of Breath (0-2)


2K14 WIN Week 5 Power Rankings - ORCFBNYC, 2.14.14

Winter 2014 2nd Division Power Rankings - Oriental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (=)



Nothing has changed here, All White Everything still has a lot of talent, and a lot of size. (G) Joseph Jaffee has been a very solid floor leader, keeping the team on track and (G) Flynn Bridges leads very capable scorers.
2. (+5)



Rockstars are playing well right now. Addition of (G) Greg Loeffert lets (G) Jon Keaveny focus on attacking, and (F) Matt Parker is shooting very well.
3. (+5)



SK War Dog Alpha has played only two games so it's tough to gauge where they really stand, but they beat a stacked NGG team easily, and took AWE to the limit. (G) Dave Wong and (G) Joshua Lin lead a solid group.
4. (-1)



The newbie Kemp's Kids could have fallen more until they picked up a solid win over PWW. (G/F) Dan Linnane is asserting himself offensively with 23.5 ppg and SKK has plenty of size to back him up. Still a top tier team.
5. (+8)



The other big surprise in this week's rankings. After their opening day loss, the Top Stars have won two straight. (F) Kieran Brennan is emerging as a bonafide scorer, and they boast the biggest overall roster in the league.
6. (-4)



Prestige Worldwide may be relying a little too much on (G) Will Chu now. Not that he isn't capable, but he's looked fatigued in games. Luckily, (G) Allan Zhang has been playing very well. But, someone else needs to step up.
7. (+3)



The whupping that Gritty laid on GOM alone is enough to keep them in the playoff hunt. Expect that NGG will be making a move up the totem pole.
8. (-4)



This is a veteran team with a lot of talent, but with all their new additions, the Sex Panthers just haven't meshed yet. It may take some time, but with a field this competitive, they might not have much left.
9. (-4)



Grumpy Old Men got the little brother treatment from NGG, which seemed to indicate they might not be playoff ready yet. But, there is still a lot of talent on this roster, and with just 2 gms played there's still time to bounce back.
10. (-1)



The Thunder are the Thunder. How well they do will be dependent on how quickly (G) Leuis Ng regains MVP form. He's off to a very good start. If they can sneak into the playoffs, they will be a dark horse to win it.
11. (-5)



Like the Thunder, this is a veteran team with plenty of experience. A lot will hinge on how well (G) Marvin Chu and (F) Paul Suh mesh with the rest of the core group. If they can make the playoffs, they will have a chance.
12. (-1)



This is going to sound like a broken record, but here again we have a team with championship pedigree that can make some noise if they make the playoffs. But, there are only 8 spots available. It won't be easy.
13. (-1)



King of Diamonds is still in it mathematically, but it's starting to look like another tough season. They have great size in (C) Craig Reeson and (C) Keneche Igbokwe, but they need more offensive help for (G) Charles Lam.
Observations... say King Joseph Jaffee Jaffe Joffer five times fast... and Vegas shall lead them... what is Matt P's last name? ...Korean Mamba vs All White Everything... Grumpy Old Men are grumpy now... who's gonna run point for Blue Dream? ...Kings need Keneche... if Scott Yoon gets it going for ROC watch out... Linnane went #BEASTMODE... aka "Only God Forgives" aka "A Place Between The Pines"... Allan Zhang aka "Get Buckets"... Panthers need a marriage counselor... Thunder, Ball So Hard will move up but who will move down?
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

2K14 WIN Week 5 Power Rankings - OCCFBNYC, 2.14.14

Winter 2014 2nd Division Power Rankings - Occidental Conference
Rank Team Rec
Team Notes
1. (=)



With a win over powerhouse SKC, Gritty only further established themselves as the team to beat. (G) Henry Jun is shooting very well right now.
2. (+2)



If you were hoping (F) Andrew Kuo's Week 1 scoring barrage was a fluke, you're gonna have a bad time. Kuo and (G) Tommy Wong make up a very formidable scoring duo, and they have solid bigs to hold down the paint.
3. (+2)



The Big Red Balls continue to impress with another big win. You just cannot sleep on this team, they have to be considered among the contenders now.
4. (-2)



No Fly Zone bounces back with a short-handed win over a much-improved TAP team. The roster hasn't changed in three seasons so they're chemistry as a team is among the league's best.
5. (-2)



They took a tough loss against no. 1 NYC Gritty Blue, but they should have beaten them. SK War Dog will fall a couple of spots for now, but this should be a short term placement. This is a bona fide contender.
6. (=)



They've seen a couple of tough losses now, but the talent level still has Last Minute in the playoffs. The shots just aren't falling the way they were last season, but composure is key now. Someone has to step up and lead.
7. (+3)



Apex For Youth (G) Josh Segel and (F) Ryan Salerno are emerging as two of the league's better players. And, they're getting solid support from their role players. (G) Jeff Chen has been solid at the point.
8. (-1)



Japan United distributes their minutes evenly, which is beautifully egalitarian but not always conducive to wins. Still, (C) Tom Nierenberg will always give them a chance, and (G) Osamu Tanigawa is showing signs.
9. (-1)



Whereas they looked solid in their opening day loss, Team LIF did not look so pretty against BRB. A testament to BRB or exposure of LIF?
10. (+1)



X1 narrowly edged out two wins in a row in maybe two of the ugliest games in FBNYC history. But, wins are wins, and X1 has done well to put themselves in an advantageous position for the playoff hunt.
11. (-1)



They still haven't gotten that coveted first win, but this is a much improved TAP NY team. They have been knocking at the door in every game they've played. Closing out games has been the issue thus far.
12. (=)



The B Team still has plenty of good size, and serviceable guard talent. The key is getting it all together. They need cohesion. That's the magic word.
13. (=)



J City is struggling right now. This is also a team that should has decent size with (C) Jaik Kim around, but the shots just haven't been falling. Kim is shooting just 23%, the team just 27% so far this season.
Observations... X1 cardiac kids... a win is a win... Andrew Kuo is aka "Automatic"... Nierenberg... Heisenberg? ...Nierenberg... the Machinist is key... simmer down Big Red, it's a long season... Kevin Leung aka "Rufio"... is ballin' right now... No Fly Zone is right... read the scouting report: Carl George will block your shot... Lucas Chang tho... which one is Jeff Chen? ...John Hsu is aka "Tiger Style
All power rankings, stats, recaps and videos are for entertainment purposes only. Please don't take any of this stuff too seriously. Follow us on Twitter @TheFBNYCsnitch or Facebook for updates.

2K14 WIN Top 10 Plays of the Week (Jan 20-Feb 2)FBNYC, 2.14.14

2K14 WIN Week 5 Player AwardsFBNYC, 2.13.14
Josh Segel (AFY)
G | 6-0 | 175 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 20.0
RPG: 6.0
SPG: 2.0

Segel had shown some signs in previous games, but he finally let loose in a big win over JPU. The rookie guard was virtually unstoppable, scoring inside the paint and behind the arc. He was lights out, and suddenly, AFY's prospects are looking up.
Runner-Up: Ren Hsieh (NFZ) 20 pts, 11 reb, 2 ast
Dan Linnane (SKK)
G/F | 6-1 | 185 lbs
Week 5 Stats
PPG: 23.0
3PG: 1.0
RPG: 5.0

Known as more of a shooter in his first game, Linnane went a different route in their win over PWW. He simply bullied his way into the paint against a smaller PWW front-line, and got pretty much whatever shot he wanted. A big effort in a big win.

Runner-Up: Jon Keaveny (ROC) 16 pts, 10 reb
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Tim Zhang (BRB) 19 reb, 1 stl, 1 blk

Just a week removed from a 15 reb effort, Zhang follows up with 19 reb, and 15 pts. That's some dedicated work on the boards.

Runner-Up: Kevin Wong (NFZ) 14 pts, 17 reb, 1 blk

Wat Misaka Defensive Player of the Week

Charles Lam (KOD) 10reb, 3stl, 2blk

This is a signature all-in effort from the veteran Lam. Not only is he the team's PG, but he's also their best scorer and defender. He does it all.

Runner-Up: Andre Liu (SKC) 6 reb, 6 stl
The High-5 Club

James Alexander (SKK) 8-10-5-3-1
Jeff Chen (AFY) 2-2-1-1-1
Carl George (LAS) 2-7-2-2-2
Peter Hastorf (TAP) 8-11-2-2-2
Charles Lam (KOD) 5-10-2-3-2
Jon Lau (BTE) 4-7-1-5-2
Dave Liu (BSH) 4-4-2-4-2
Ryan Salerno (AFY) 18-12-1-1-3
Kevin Wong (NFZ) 14-17-1-1-1
Spot Dessert Bar™ Rookie of the Week

A. Cheng (BRB) 21 pts, 5 reb, 3 ast

Cheng shot well, and aggressively looked for his shot. It seems as if in any given week, a BRB player could appear in this box.

Runner-Up: Andrew Kuo (GMM) 17 pts, 10 reb, 1 blk

The "John Starks" Award

Will Chu (PWW) | 2-11 FGs (.182)

This was a tough one for Chu, who never looked well in this game. If he was fighting illness, he didn't indicate as much. Tough loss for PWW.
Dishonorable Mention: Jon Lau (BTE) 2-13 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

J. Alexander (SKK) | 0-10 FTs (.000)

The rookie Alexander's effort was one shy of the all-time record in FT futility, 0-11 FTs by Premier (C) Chris Lemoine. So, there's that.

Dishonorable Mention: Dan Linnane (SKK) 4-9 FTs

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