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2K13 WIN Week 4 Power RankingsFBNYC, 2.5.13

League's best remain the same, Panthers on the rise

NEW YORK, NY -- Not much movement in the six playoff positions, but the Sex Panthers are moving up with (G) Liren Teng playing retro ball circa 2002. SXP should challenge for a spot, making it all a little more interesting. If it's true that ENF (F) Andrew Ahn is out for the season, that's a tough blow for En Fuego, that might be their playoffs right there. Ball Don't Lie and Rock Stars might have a dark horse's chance to sneak in to the playoffs, but time is indeed running out. -- FBNYC
WINTER 2013 REC D-II Week 2 Power Rankings
Rank Team Record
Team Notes
1. (=)



SXP gave them their first loss but they played without two starters. At full strength, this is easily the best team in the league. (C) Moon Yun has been dominant and (G) John Park is the same playmaker he's always been.
2. (+1)



Despite their unblemished record, the Thunder have shown some weakness. But, luckily, they have (G) Leuis Ng, and as long as he's healthy, he makes all the difference. No one is better at turning an ugly game into a win.
3. (-1)



The War Dogs showed some of that championship pedigree in their bounce back win after losing to THU. Come playoff time, this could still be the team to beat. All Star (F) Marco Palacios is having his best season yet.
4. (=)



This team has struggled with consistency, but at their best, X1 can challenge for the chip. A renewed focus on defense has brought positive results and their front-court is as impressive as any. And, you know it's just a matter of time before (G) Ren Hsieh turns it on.
5. (=)



We knew Japan United's dynamic duo of (G) Chikara Abe and (F) Yu Sato was good, but we didn't know they were this good. Sato is putting up MVP numbers and Abe may end up leading the league in scoring. Everyone else just plays their asses off. This is a very dangerous team.
6. (=)



New additions (F) John DeAngelo and (G) Robert Episcopo are starting to fill into their roles nicely. This is a team with a lot of size, and of course, the fury of (F) Mark Hahn. They should challenge for a higher seed.
7. (+2)



After starting off 0-2, the Panthers have won two straight. Every game they have played has been decided by the last possession and by no more than 3 points. Which means they know how to win close games, and lose them. They're a wild card for now with a chance to sneak into the playoffs.
8. (-1)



Ball Don't Lie looked solid in their season opener, but since then the bottom has dropped out on their offense. Averaging just 39 ppg as a team, They need a more consistent scorer, or at least, a more assertive one.
9. (-1)



Here lies another team with an impressive start that has since tapered off. En Fuego has many of the same issues as LIE, plenty of size, not enough consistent offense. They can recover, but the window is closing.
10. (=)



The Rock Stars finally looked like the kind of team they could have been all season in a game vs THU they probably feel like they should have won. It could be a turning point, and though the chances might be slim, they can make a playoff push. They'll need more consistency from (G) Lucas Chang.
11. (=)



Despite the losses, a season is never completely lost. Even teams at the top, like X1 and Japan United, were once at the bottom. Every season is a chance to build chemistry and work towards a better team.
Observations... everyone get on the L train... the Moon is full, it's beast mode right now... Lucas Chang goggles is like cow bell... the Messiah cannot part double-teams... "Aggravated Assault" aka "AA" aka "Duracell" is out... need those rechargeable joints... apparently, the ball really does not lie.
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2K13 WIN Week 4 Player AwardsFBNYC, 2.5.13
Moon Yun (NGC)
C | 6-3 | 200 lbs
Week 4 Stats
PPG: 19.0
RPG: 18.0
BPG: 3.0

Yea, the Gritty lost their 1st gm playing short-handed, but that takes nothing away from Yun's huge game. He was pretty darn close to FBNYC's 1st ever 20-20 game. It is the rare occasion that a losing player gets the nod, but this is one of them.

R-Up: Marco Palacios (SKW) 12 pts, 10 reb, 4 stl

Liren Teng (SXP)
G | 5-7 | 165 lbs
Week 4 Stats
PPG: 19.0
3PG: 4.0
APG: 3.0

Teng has been on a tear lately, dropping at least 18 ppg in his last three games, with wins in his last two, knocking off no. 1 NGC in the process. He's been the go-to guy offensively for a SXP team now gearing up to make a playoff push.

R-Up: John DeAngelo (BLU) 15 pts, 8 reb, 4 ast
The Sam Lo Award for Hustlers

Dennis Shim (ENF) 10 reb, 6 ast

From the guard position, not only did Shim lead his team in rebounds, but he was also their primary playmaker, leading ENF in assists.

Runner-Up: Dan Tak (LIE) 13 reb, 1 stl
Wat Misaka Defensive Player of the Week

M. Palacios (SKW) 10 reb, 4 stl, 1 blk

Palacios was crafty as he ever was on the defensive end, and now teams are quickly learning why he's called "Jedi Mind Tricks."

Runner-Up: Carl George (ENF) 9 reb, 2 stl, 4 blk

The High-5 Club

Brian Chin (THU) 4-9-1-1-2
Young Cho (BLU) 6-5-3-2-2
Robert Episcopo (BLU) 15-2-4-3-1
Carl George (ENF) 6-9-1-2-4
Ren Hsieh (X1) 4-2-6-4-1
Tae Kang (LIE) 3-3-1-2-1
Jiwon Kim (NGC) 11-1-1-2-1
Lijo Kochupaul (ROC) 8-4-2-1-1
Charles Lei (X1) 10-12-3-2-1
Andre Liu (SKW) 7-3-3-3-1
Marco Palacios (SKW) 12-10-1-4-1
Felix Shen (SKW) 9-5-3-4-1
Moon Yun (NGC) 19-18-2-2-3
Ember Room™ Rookie of the Week

John DeAngelo (BLU) 15 pts, 8 reb

Last week it was teammate Episcopo, and this week it will be fellow rookie DeAngelo. Both are versatile players with 3-pt range.

Runner-Up: Alan Zhang (BSQ) 13 pts, 4 reb

The "John Starks" Award

Allen Liu (THU) | 1-12 FGs (.083)

Liu has certainly made shots before, but you couldn't tell in this game. He is a streaky scorer, but this week the streak went the wrong way.

Dishonarable Mention: John Park (NGC) 1-9 FGs
The "Chris Dudley" Award

J. Gonnella (THU) | 1-5 FTs (.200)

Not only is this truly atrocious free throw  shooting but this is doubly bad as Gonnella is considered to be one of the league's "shooters."

Dishonorable Mention: Pat Ma (THU) 1-4 FTs

2K13 WIN Week 4 ResultsFBNYC, 2.4.13
NYC Gritty Committee (3-1)
Sex Panthers (2-2)
Player of the Game
Liren Teng (SXP) 19 pts, 4 3FGs, 3 ast


Brick Squad (0-4)
X1 (2-2)
Player of the Game
Charles Lei (X1) 10 pts, 12 reb, 3 ast

Rock Stars (0-3)
Thundercats, Ho! (4-0)
Player of the Game
Leuis Ng (THU) 11 pts, 10 reb, 5 ast


Ball Don't Lie (1-2)
SK War Dog (3-1)
Player of the Game
M. Palacios (SKW) 12 pts, 10 reb, 4 stl


Blue Dream (2-1)
En Fuego (1-3)
Player of the Game
J. DeAngelo (BLU) 15 pts, 8 reb, 4 ast

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Week 4 League Highs... Points: Jae McGuire (ENF) 25, Liren Teng (SXP) 19, Moon Yun (NGC) 19... 3FGs: Jae McGuire (ENF) 5, Liren Teng (SXP) 4... Rebounds: Moon Yun (NGC) 18, Dan Tak (LIE) 13... Assists: Ren Hsieh (X1) 6, John Park (NGC) 6, Dennis Shim (ENF) 6... Steals: Michael Cheng (NGC) 4, Marco Palacios (SKW) 4, Felix Shen (SKW) 4... Blocks: Carl George (ENF) 4, Tom Bello, Jr. (ROC) 3, Moon Yun (NGC) 3

Top 10 Plays (and Fails) of 2012FBNYC, 2.2.13

It took a little while but we finally have our Top 10 Plays (and Fails) of 2012. Edited by Mr. Roboto Huang.

Music is "Bring out the Bottles" by Redfoo, "Gangnam Style mashup" by Psy and MC Hammer and "Thrift Shop" by Macklemore.

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